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CFG 40069 Ceramic Disk Cartridge for One-Handle Tub and Shower Faucets

Model #50169

Product Description

Notes: Most faucets that use this disk cartridge have a 10-year warranty. The need to replace this disk cartridge prematurely indicates a possible failure of the warranty.

Perfect for professional plumbers or homeowners looking to do repairs, the CFG 40069 Ceramic Disk Cartridge is easy to remove and install. Commonly found in one-handle tub and shower faucets, there are many problems that this key component can remedy. In particular, a shower that changes water pressure or temperature may have a faulty ceramic disc cartridge to blame.

Key Features:

  • Includes cartridge nut
  • Durable high-quality construction
  • Integrated pressure balancing spool
  • Also called a cycling ceramic disc cartridge
  • Contributes to the temperature limit stop technology
  • Ceramic disc is created with technology that promotes dependability and easy maintenance
  • Exclusively used in cycling pressure balancing repairs for tub or shower faucets
  • Used with faucets that are designed to minimize sticking due to the self-contained pressure-balancing spool that is upstream of the water shutoff
  • Part of the mechanism that controls drastic temperature changes in the shower when a toilet flushes
  • Resists changes in water line pressure and keeps shower temperature constant
  • Ideal for repairing faucets for large families that take back-to-back baths

Compatible with...

Replacement cartridge for CFG tub and shower faucets.

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